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I had such an amazing day today…i met up with people from my high school. It’s been 25 years since i left school, so i was super excited to meet up. I knew it would be a chance to let my hair down and remember past events, that didn’t seem fun then but are probably hilarious in hindsight.


Our venue was some place in Surulere, Lagos (trust someone to pick a venue where parking would be an issue). It was meant to start at 3pm and being the punctual (most times) person i am, i got there 3mins before time…even though i stopped first to pick up a school mate.

running late

We ended up being stuck outside because we couldn’t get into the venue! We didn’t mind, we were talking a mile a minute, trying to catch up. An organiser of the event finally shows up and gets us into the venue. He had a go at the manager because as usual they were not prepared for our meeting.

locked out

It took another 10mins for one other  person to show up, and after that people came trickling in. The venue had a Dj, and the songs he jammed reminded a schoolmate of the songs they all danced to at another schoolmate’s 18th birthday party. It’s true what they say about music…it’s the soundtrack to our lives. I confess i can’t dance but that didn’t stop me from throwing shapes to the beat.


As expected, everyone had changed. Even at that, back in school, you probably weren’t friends with everyone, so it would be impossible to remember everybody. Some people i vaguely remembered and some i didn’t know at all. I know i have changed and i do not assume everyone would remember me. I made the special effort to introduce myself to everyone present.


I shook hands and said my name and asked for theirs. 25 years is a long time…we knew each other way back when but now we are all practically strangers to each other today. Taking things easy and being respectful to each other is the way to go. High school was definitely fraught with a lot of emotions, it was a hard time for me, as it was for a lot of people. It’s amazing the number of back stories you here after, that finally explain why so and so was always moody or a bully.


I’m thankful i got to see everyone that was there, i had a good time and i look forward to a major reunion where everyone from around the globe can attend. Have you attended any school reunions? How was it for you? Let us know.

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Yeye Bush.


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