How to Survive a No Carb Diet (or not).

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How to Survive a no Carb Diet (or not) (1)


I am here writing this piece and snacking on a bag of mixed trail. I am not even particularly hungry i just have the munchies. I am also on a new eating plan one that says no carbohydrates.

trail mix

I don’t know how i will cope since my favorite food is rice…i can eat it for every meal. It never gets old for me…jollof, fried, plain, steamed, name it i’d eat it…except may be rice pudding, i think i ate too much of that as a child. Rice is king…first thing at my day job early in the morning, we send Ganiat to Equal Rights canteen to buy hot rice for breakfast preferably with plain boiled black eyed beans and golden fried plantain. Or to “ile pako” (wooden shack) for Ofada rice with beef innards, by 11am, the ofada rice is sold out. At about 3pm the ladies selling Jollof rice are under the tree in the middle of the office complex, dishing steaming mounds of deliciousness into to go packs.


In my part of the world we have a variety of foods but the downside is that everything is full of carbohydrates, eba, pounded yam, ikokore, starch, amala,tuwo… not very helpful when you are trying to lose weight. Every party you attend has some of this on its menu. You can tell if it’s a good party by the quality of its jollof rice. Everyone gets jollof right…the caterer who get’s it wrong needs to go and re do their apprenticeship. I had a horrible experience once though, my caterer’s jollof was inedible, it totally ruined my guest’s experience. I demanded a refund but the shylock did not to give me one…no more jobs or referrals from me. Shout out to my favourite caterer Classic Golden pot…basmati jollof never tasted so good.

pounded yam

Even my children love jollof, I  took them to the Gtbank drink and food fair over the May day weekend, lots of vendors and good things to eat, i asked the children what they wanted, they shouted in unison “jollof rice”… thanks to L’afric for tasty filling jollof.


Then we have the crowd favourite “small chops” that’s hors d’oeuvres to my non Nigerian readers. Deep fried balls of cholesterol, full of flour and sugar…diabetes on a plate. In my opinion every small chops plate must have but not limited to puff-puff, mosa, gizzard (if you don’t know what these are Google is your friend) and barbecue chicken anything else is ancillary, the spring rolls and samosas are usually nasty, so i do not indulge. The best samosas i have tasted lately are from the Social Place in Victoria Island. I attended an event at their venue and i was unashamedly scrambling for some. They actually have all beef filling, tasty and hot, they remind me of Lagos Polo club samosas i had as a child.

small chops

At this point, i am hungry…*stops typing and goes to the kitchen*






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  1. Marie

    Food glorious Food !

    Humanity would be extinct without it …….

    These days I am a recovering foodaholic and so the idea of a whole new eating plan appeals no end. Do tell when you find the perfect fit . …….so I can follow 😉

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