The Evolution Of Yeye Bush. (Why I Changed my Name)

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Why I Changed My Name

I think i must be an old soul…i love vintage. I live in a relatively old city where everything is new. We have no regard for anything old and so we don’t preserve our old buildings. Our ambition and vision is to be a modern mega city. Old buildings are torn down and replaced with new ones. I love old buildings…my heart beats faster everytime i come across one.


I remember fondly my grand dad’s bungalow in a part of my city called Yaba. I remember thinking  it was an odd house because when you came in through the door, there was a hall that ran down the middle of the house with rooms on either side, so very different from our house. Grandad’s house was always cool, i don’t remember ever seeing a fan or an air conditioner. The streets were tree lined and the fences were quite low. Everything looked ornate and so well finished. Fast forward many years later, almost all the buildings have been modified to make them look modern. I’m still hopeful that i would find that hidden gem and preserve it just as is.

old soul

My name is a very old one, it’s an incarnation type name. It  has a very significant meaning…it means mother has come back. I was born after my father’s mother passed and it’s customary to name the first daughter after such a passing that name or names similar to it. There are quite a number of variations. I like my name, it’s a great name with a wonderful meaning. So why would i change it?


The change came gradually, it started with my husband calling me a pet name. He was the only person who called me by this name at first( it’s a short form of my full name). After a while one or two family friends started calling me by it too. I never referred to myself by the name. Then i started my business and needed a catchy name that everyone would remember. So i adopted it. I believe i’m not the only one who has done this Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Mortenson, Nicki Minaj was born Onika Tanya Maraj and Nicolas Cage was born Nicolas Kim Coppola.

name change

Most people who have met me in the recent past know me by my new name, my old friends all call me by my full name. I’m surprised when i hear my full name called out, then i know it’s someone who definitely  knows me from way back. A Rose by any other name would smell still as sweet…so i’m still me but much better with the passage of time.


I have learnt to introduce myself by my new name…it always sparks curiosity and leads to a conversation. I have made many new friends this way and people tend not to forget me in a hurry. I work hard at making myself unforgettable.

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Yeye Bush

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8 Comments on “The Evolution Of Yeye Bush. (Why I Changed my Name)”

  1. Marie SOTUNDE

    Another thought provoking piece from the house of good manners …..

    and yes please , I would love to join you all on Saturday 4th June 2016 .

    Thank you Miss. Manners

  2. Abimbo Somolu

    Interesting read! I love the part you said you work hard at making yourself unforgettable. It’s all about being intentional in reinventing yourself. Kudos!

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