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I love receiving feedback from my clients… it let’s me know if i’m doing a good job. I recently launched an online version of my business, which allows my clients to reach me from wherever they are inside or outside the country. I’m so happy i can help clients wherever they are. So far i have had clients from the UK and the US.  This is my life’s work and it gives me so much joy to be of service to humanity.

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When doing sessions most people stare with little or no expression, which can sometimes be intimidating but the feedback we receive makes up for all the stares. We make the sessions interactive, our client, the CEO of a prestigious Financial services firm commended us for this, he loved that our sessions encouraged participants to share their experiences. This gives participants a buy in and they are more likely to adopt a new way of doing things.

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I love practical sessions…i can’t deal with too much theory…so our sessions are designed to be easy to follow with real life  and real time examples. Our clients leave with strategies that they can apply immediately. It’s a joy to solve problems that cause my clients worry and embarrassment.

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Our days come to us hourly, one day at a time…i believe if you are able to live each day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time then all those minutes, hours and days all add up to a life well lived. We offer programs such as Social & Business Etiquette, Retail Etiquette, Children and Teen Etiquette to help navigate life’s ups and downs.


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My job is to change lives and i take it very seriously because what Matters to you Matters to us!

Follow us on Insatagram @Mannersmatter_ng  and on Twitter @Mannersmatter_  Facebook: MannersMatter

Etiquette classes for Children available this Easter….sign up at or ring 08025656122.



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  1. MTS

    Clearly this ( Manners Matters ) is your passion and if there is anything that can change the world it is passion coupled with zeal , commitment and thoughtfulness …..

    If you are able to change the perspective of a few people only then you are doing a great job. Keep doing what you are doing . You do it well ……You are on the right track Miss. Manners . Brava !

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