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I had such an amazing day today…i met up with people from my high school. It’s been 25 years since i left school, so i was super excited to meet up. I knew it would be a chance to let my hair down and remember past events, that didn’t seem fun then but are probably hilarious in hindsight. Our venue … Read More

How to Survive a No Carb Diet (or not).

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How to Survive a no Carb Diet (or not) (1)

I am here writing this piece and snacking on a bag of mixed trail. I am not even particularly hungry i just have the munchies. I am also on a new eating plan one that says no carbohydrates. I don’t know how i will cope since my favorite food is rice…i can eat it for every meal. It never gets … Read More

The Evolution Of Yeye Bush. (Why I Changed my Name)

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Why I Changed My Name

I think i must be an old soul…i love vintage. I live in a relatively old city where everything is new. We have no regard for anything old and so we don’t preserve our old buildings. Our ambition and vision is to be a modern mega city. Old buildings are torn down and replaced with new ones. I love old … Read More

Appointment? What to do when you are Running Late.

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running late

When i organise etiquette classes, depending on the location i may need to use vendors. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to vendors. I buy things off social media sight unseen. I have met some really lovely vendors on Instagram such as Funke  (@fabriqueafrique) who lives on an Island near Port Harcourt (South East Nigeria). She sells the most exquisite fabrique … Read More


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2 nov 2015 note 4 1960

I love receiving feedback from my clients… it let’s me know if i’m doing a good job. I recently launched an online version of my business, which allows my clients to reach me from wherever they are inside or outside the country. I’m so happy i can help clients wherever they are. So far i have had clients from the … Read More

Would You Be Friends With You?

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Would you like to be Friends with You (1)

My car was travelling on the highway next to an 18 wheeler, you know them, those long trailers transporting livestock and produce from all over Nigeria. It’s pretty scary to be driving next to one, I instantly remember all the horror stories of them not having properly working  brakes and visualize all the wrecks on the roadside i see when we … Read More


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how to be the ultimate host

Guests are always welcome to our home. Having guests that spend a few days or even weeks is fine, especially if i get prior notice so i can prepare. So what happens when you have an unannounced overnight guest? I love to entertain and fancy myself as a Martha Stewart clone. I love to be comfortable at home and away, so … Read More


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3 Major Mistakes

In an attempt to match make a sibling, my friend Kemi, told me how she got one of her friends to come over to her house to meet her sibling. The friend was in the dark about her intent, her sibling also had no clue about the attempt to set them up. The friend was a beautiful young lady. She … Read More


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king telephone

The Telephone, as we know it today, was invented by Graham Bell. His early prototype is very different from what we have now. Almost unrecognisable, to tell the truth. There was no chance of a discreet conversation on those early devices. You might have probably needed a special table to place it on, besides that, not everyone had one. Imagine … Read More


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As a grown up i remember with nostalgia some books i read as a young child and teenager. I read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. To my delight, I discovered Jane Austen and have read all her books, my favourite is Pride and Prejudice. I am also the proud owner of her complete DVD box set (thank … Read More