Appointment? What to do when you are Running Late.

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When i organise etiquette classes, depending on the location i may need to use vendors. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to vendors. I buy things off social media sight unseen. I have met some really lovely vendors on Instagram such as Funke  (@fabriqueafrique) who lives on an Island near Port Harcourt (South East Nigeria). She sells the most exquisite fabrique and i get next day delivery even though i live in the west of the country (Lagos)…imagine my surprise when i learnt where she lives and works. Or the creative Tosin ( who lives in Abuja (central Nigeria) She has sent me wrought iron pot hangers for my garden. She is so kind. When i visit her city, i will definitely meet her.


All the story above is the set up for my experience with a vendor i had an appointment with, he rents out chairs and tables for events. He was meant to meet me at client’s home. The loooong wait started. Every so often we would place a call to him and he would tell us his location which was 20mins away at best. An hour later we still hadn’t seen him! I ring my contact who introduced him to me…only for her to tell me that is his modus operandi. Fast forward to an hour later, we ring him again and he tells us he is at the entrance to the gated estate of my client’s home. So i expected to see him in 10mins…he strolls in 45mins later.


I wasn’t even upset…i was thinking of  how i can replace him. We all know traffic sucks…that’s a given but clients feel better when you let them know the situation of things. They are more likely to sympathise with you and even find a way to help with your situation. I have  had instances where, parents exceed pick up time by 3 hours for their children participating in our etiquette classes. We understand that life happens… a call always helps us make alternative plans for child care.

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Time is money…i want to add Opportunity to that as well. No one wants to lose out on the opportunity because of misuse of time.

In our part of the world, African time is king but when it comes to business it’s the black sheep of the family no one introduces to the guests. It’s disrespectful to other people when we are not mindful of their time…time is life.

So Remember to Call, Text, Send a Messenger, send a carrier pigeon or even send Smoke Signals…let the other party know you are running late!



Etiquette classes for children ages 4-7 and 8-12 are going on Every Saturday of April 2016. Ring 08025656122 or email

Yeye Bush.


8 Comments on “Appointment? What to do when you are Running Late.”

  1. Marie SOTUNDE

    You are so very right Miss. Manners !

    Lateness can be such a pain – both for the person running late and the person waiting .

    Thankfully though, this is 2016 and as almost everyone over the age of 16 years of age is likely carry at least one basic cell phone at all times your advice to “latecomers” is spot on ……

  2. Tosin

    Thank you so much Miss Manners for the mention! I am just discovering your blog. Well done. I wish etiquette classes can be run in Abuja as well. Would love my kids and I to learn. This post speaks to me also. I will work on improving my time management skills with clients.

  3. Funke

    Thank you Ma for the mention @fabriqueafica. I love the caption ‘Time is life’ It’s very important to keep to time because it says a lot about your business and personality.

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