Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

Now that they have gotten to know you, Everyone agrees that you are a fantastic person, they never knew you were this nice. In the meantime, you have lost several opportunities because they didn’t think you were a cool person. You have no clue what you did to make them think you were not nice. You begin to wonder “what exactly did I do the first time they met me that gave them the wrong impression of me?” The goal is to always make the right First Impression the always. You can’t keep trying to change wrong impressions everywhere you go.

You are the total package of beauty and brains and you are more than ready to step into the next stage of your life but are unable to attract the life partner you desire.

You have your plan for greatness and are already pursuing it…what happens when you reach your goal and your Manners let you down? You have worked so hard to get a promotion. You finally got it and are now in a position to have meetings with top executives and high net worth clients. Recently, you were invited to dinner at an upscale restaurant and you found yourself ill at ease, fidgeting because you had no idea what to do with the place setting. You didn’t know what cutlery to use. You were slyly looking around the table to see what others were doing. A toast was made in honor of your boss and to everyone’s amusement you picked up someone else’s glass to drink from. You were promptly corrected. You felt so embarrassed and you never want that to happen again.

You have spent years building your career and are now worried about your ability to set up a home because after the wedding comes the marriage. The romance wears of real quickly when basic everyday needs are not met. Not being able to keep home is not an option. Running to mummy and daddy is a no no.

You wish to support your husband not only through prayer but socially, to engage his colleagues in conversation and help him fulfill his social obligations by entertaining his guests so he progresses faster in his career. You don’t want to be labelled “Fine for Nothing” or “Trophy Wife” You want to be known as a most gracious and intelligent hostess. You don’t want a situation where in order to avoid being embarrassed, he refuses to take you out to his work functions….you are assigned to be a piece of furniture in the house. God forbid!

You are an excellent Mother yet your kids are not as polished as you would like them to be and you are at a loss to know what to do to help them succeed. You know that that expensive school isn’t doing enough and they need something extra to make them that well rounded human being for them to succeed in life. After all, you don’t want your 40 year old child still living at home.

You are the smartest in the office yet every time there is a meeting with important clients or the opportunity to lead a special project, the boss overlooks you. Why won’t you get the chance to shine? What is it about you that makes them think you are not capable? You can feel the frustration rising…

Others get away with murder in the workplace and yet when you ask for your legitimate rights it’s denied. What makes them so likeable? They aren’t even as hard working as you. Why does the boss like them so much? It’s just not fair!!!

You have rendered a service or supplied a product and you do not get a call back…you know a competitor has taken over that account and they charge more. What do they have that you do not? You know people do business with whom they like and trust. Why don’t they like you enough to come back?

You have prayed over and over again, fasted and visited many Men of God. You are tired of your relatives giving you unsolicited advice. Tired of people telling you, you need to “improve” but no one offering you the “How to” steps to take.

If any of the above applies to you and you agree with me that Talent and Beauty are not enough to give you the edge, then this consultation is for you. If you recognize that you need that “X Factor” that certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi” to help you distinguish yourself from the rest, then Manners Matter can help.

This Session is designed to:

  1. Identify issues you are dealing with thus far.
  1. Determine who the ideal you is.
  1. Challenge yourself to embrace new habits that will work for you all the time.
  1. Give you practical steps to help with achieving your desired goals so you win every time.
  1. Give you a proposal for a tailored service just for you that guarantees your continued success.

If you want to be that “Successful” person business and social acquaintances always come back to or have “Successful” relationships with family and friends, then I invite you to book a session today.

  • The session is held over Skype.
  • Each session lasts 60mins.
  • Specifically designed for individuals who want to have successful relationships.


If you feel you are perfect as you are (after all you have lived thus far without this service) and are unwilling to improve on yourself, your revenue, your business or your family then this session is not for you and will be a waste of your time.


I liked the ambience and the fact that I wasn’t told I made a mistake or I got it wrong. Instead I got a “very good but from now on do it this way” and you didn’t roll your eyes at any silly questions and suggestions

Asabe Osinuga UN Diplomat’s Spouse

I enjoyed learning new things that may have seemed unimportant today but I have realized actually are. I learnt to be the perfect hostess. I can’t wait to host my dinner party and impress.

Adanna Agbaso CEO Chow Mein Nigeria

I learnt the difference between French/Continental/American/British place setting which is very important because I work and travel internationally. Totally brilliant idea to send personalized thank you notes! I will definitely send them out

Jibola K HR Specialist

 I learned about different place settings. Also how to improve on my hosting skills and be a better hostess. I learnt the ways I can set a table in an inexpensive or expensive way. I liked the fact that I learnt how to be a proper lady.

Alaba Ogunlaja Enterprenuer.

My name is Yeye Bush and my mission is to help you succeed in your everyday interactions.

I know that the innate need of every person is to be loved because I have been where you are. I knew there had to be a way to touch a person’s heart so they will not only make friends with me but also do business with me. I understand how to help you achieve this goal.

I could see some people were able to rise quickly up the corporate and social ladder while others struggled to even climb on to the first rung. I saw the frustration that people experienced and how it affected every other part of their lives.

I have had many clients work with me who are now able to make new business and social connections after taking sessions with me.

I have had the opportunity to travel to different countries to give this service and have had requests from people in other countries too, in order to accommodate those willing to work with me, this service is now online. I now share all I have learnt with people like you who want to be the best version of themselves.


…Because You are your biggest Investment and this is a Gift of a Lifetime of Success!

Good morning Yeye. Thank you so much for the written letter. Haven’t seen those in a long time. You are so right it’s the little things that count. I actually learnt a lot and I’m more conscious with my dealings with people. Thanks again.

Rukhayat Animashaun CEO Party Express Ng


Due to the high demand of this program, Yeye is only able to work with a set number of clients at a time. If you are interested in having a session, we recommend that you book immediately to secure a place as our slots fill up quickly.